The Wedding Thief Readers Guide

The Wedding Thief

Reader’s Guide

1. What are your initial impressions of Sara after reading the first chapter? Does your opinion change as you read through the book?

2. In the beginning, we meet the main characters and the big dilemma they face. If you could write any ending after meeting Camille, the mother, and her two daughters, what ending would you choose?

3. Did you agree that Sara should “compromise” as her mother suggests?

4. The men are secondary characters in the story, as told by Sara. Did you have any preference for Carter, David or Tate as a good match for Sara?

5. Which character seemed the most real to you and why?

6. How do you think the story would have been told by Mariel?

7. Did you think the sisters’ relationship was realistic? Why or why not?

8. Sara has many diverse personality traits. Which ones made you like/dislike her?

9. Is there any foreshadowing in early chapters of how the story might end?

10. Sara feels her mother favors Mariel; Mariel feels she favors Sara. Is this a common misperception among siblings? What would it take to raise a family where everyone feels they are equal in the eyes of both parents?

11. In addition to the characters and the plot, there are descriptive passages of the fictional Connecticut locations where the story takes place. If you were going to direct the film version of the book, which settings would you most want to include and why?